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Lunden Leslee, also known as 'LLL' or Triple L, is a Limited Liability Company that was established in 2020 and currently based in Illinois.

'LLL' reflects a brand created by our CEO and founder, Leslee Lunden Lofton. Leslee is an African American woman who was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She is currently a fashion design student at Southern Illinois University who was determined to start her own brand.

She designs every product. She does everything for the business and website from photography to sewing labels. We' & 'our' are used because you assist her and she assists you #LLL.

Leslee entered the fashion and design industry because she enjoys how fashion changes and how it is a form of expression for any individual.

She wanted her brand to reflect who she is by using her middle and first name - she believes in names being the only true thing that belongs to you and is what you are remembered by.

She also values being different and was raised with Lunden Leslee's motto, Dare to be Different, being constantly said by her loving mother. This motto has helped her see that everyone is different in their own way so be you.

Lunden Leslee provides premium quality streetwear products and services for you. Our products and services are for women and men, but cut & sew is for women only. Lunden Leslee values standing out by creating unique designs that enhance creativity and personalization for you. Lunden Leslee's designs might make you say, 'Oh, that's different' or actually say 'Different.'

We provide clothing, accessories, styling, one-of-a-kind custom design and more for you

We strive for the best in everything we do!

Click here for our sustainability efforts.

Please explore, shop, ask questions, submit an inquiry, or leave a review.

We want you to remember to Dare to be Different!



Thank you for your support in advance!


CEO & Founder:

Leslee Lunden Lofton


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