Cut & Sew Policy (Not available right now)

Cut and sew is a garment customized from raw materials.

We provide our female consumers with cut and sew services for events, occasions, or others.

Inspirational images and concept/mood boards are accepted. We will not copy a design.

Garments will take 2-4 weeks or more, depending on the inquiry. All garments require consultation and fittings. A deposit, 55% of the total price is due prior to the first fitting.

1. Appointments: All appointments must be scheduled two months prior. Cancellations should be done 48 hours prior.

If shipping is required, please consider it when ordering.

2. Payments: An invoice will be sent to the client's email. Payments are via card. 

3. Consultations (maximum at two hours): Consultations are measurements, design and fabric discussions, and illustrations. The client pays a non-refundable fee of $50 (not apart of the garment's total price) that should be paid prior to the appointment. If the fee is not paid, the appointment will be canceled. Consultations take place at the designer's place of business.


4. Deposits: The client pays 55% of the total prior to the first fitting. It is non-refundable.  The designer will not start the garment until a deposit is paid.

5.  Designs: Once the order is placed, the fabric is purchased, and other notions. Pictures of the fabric with descriptions will be emailed to the client and the total price of the garment will be sent once validated. Clients have 24 hours to change requests. A mock design will be created and the first fitting will follow. Bring undergarments and shoes that will be worn with the garment.

6. Fittings (minimum at one hour): The client is entitled to 3 or more fittings at the designer's place of business. The number of fittings is not set because it depends on the design process. No other guests allowed at fittings. The client must adhere to all fitting dates and bring undergarments and shoes that will be worn with the garment. The designer will make adjustments to the garment.

During the first fitting, the mock design, 55% of the total price is due and an estimated date that the garment will be completed will be given and the next fitting will be scheduled.  By the last fitting, the remaining 45% is due. 

*Agreements must be signed throughout this process (consultation to completed garment).*

7. Satisfaction: If the client is unsatisfied or does not wish to wait, there will be no refunds and receive the order as-is. Patience is key to ensure the best fit and quality. We have a zero-tolerance policy for disrespect and harassment. If the designer feels threatened or disrespected, the designer is allowed to stop the completion of the garment wherever in the process, and the client will receive the order as is with no refund. 

*If the client wants an additional garment made or the due date changes, a separate inquiry should be made. The prices and future fittings will be adjusted along with a new invoice.