Lunden Leslee practices being as sustainable as we can to help the environment.


Our tees can be worn in any season - summer, spring, winter, or fall. Our tees can be styled according to each season.

Cut & Sew Apparel

Cut and sew apparel is clothing that is handmade and made to order. Every garment is made by Leslee L. Lofton, the CEO and owner.

Design Process

All designs (including printing, painting, and necessary sewing) are created in the US by Leslee L. Lofton.

Scraps & Repurposing

Scraps are leftover pieces of fabrics/garments. They will be used for garments and accessories to repurpose them so there is zero waste.

Pickup Bags

Our pickup Thank You bags are recyclable. Our consumers are encouraged to recycle the bags. 

Washing Method

All products are encouraged to be washed in cold water. 

Note: Using cold water to wash eliminates energy and helps the planet. This decreases the carbon footprint.